I’m “bengay, ibuprofen and tums on my nightstand” years old.

My 42 year old body reminds me often that I’m no spring chicken. I wake up most mornings sore and achy. I take good care of myself. I run and eat well (most days). I’m in bed by 8:30 almost every night. But I’ve come to that time of my life where I wake up with aches and pains for no apparent real reason. Why is there no “what to expect” book for midlife?? These are things I would have liked to be prepared for! Continue reading I’m “bengay, ibuprofen and tums on my nightstand” years old.

Just me and my coffee

I’m back from vacation and after our first snow storm of the year I’m back to work and my daily routine. The older I get the more I crave my routine. There’s something so peaceful and settling about getting up early every morning, making my coffee and being swallowed up in my oversized chair with a large hot cup of coffee. Just me and my coffee, no hustle, not chatter, no judgement. Oh how I’ve missed my morning routine. Continue reading Just me and my coffee

Walk like a Toddler

I’m sitting in the lobby of our hotel, sipping my morning coffee and people watching. I’m up later than I have been all week so the lobby is buzzing with energy. I watch this curly haired toddler, youngest of three boys, bouncing around with an excessive amount of energy for 8am. He gets up from the game he’s playing and with full conviction, his belly and tongue hanging out he struts down to kitchen area. He looks at everyone he passes with a quiet warning look, don’t get in my way, I’ve got stuff to do it says. I long … Continue reading Walk like a Toddler

Kindness is free

As I sit in the hotel lobby drinking my coffee in peace I overhear a couple that has been here all week as well. They’re saying Happy Thanksgiving to one of the workers here. They then go into an exchange about their traditions, family and plans for the day. They thank the worker for his job here at the hotel and shake his hand. This simple exchange makes me smile. Kindness is underrated. It takes no time at all to look up, acknowledge someone else and be kind. I believe more small efforts like this could change the world. Continue reading Kindness is free

Facebook Detox -2 weeks in

I’m at two weeks into my Facebook detox and while I’m still checking other social media and updating my blog the break from Facebook has been refreshing. The first week was strange, I picked up my phone every so often only to put it right back down. Birthdays and special events have gone by for my friends and family and I haven’t even known. I’ve been at parties and gatherings where people have referenced a meme or mutual person we know and when they’ve pulled out their phone I just stared at them. It’s been an eye opening adjustment. First … Continue reading Facebook Detox -2 weeks in

No excuses

We’re on vacation and hoteling it for a week. That means my workout routine will be off or at least I’ll need to adjust. Last month when my husbands deployment orders came in I decided to make the commitment to run my first marathon. I’ve thought about it for a while and while I’ve completed three half marathons I wasn’t sure I’d really want to commit to a full marathon. Seriously, 26.2 miles….for fun? Well, the deployment orders prompted a slight panic in my already very present midlife crisis and I felt like I needed to put this plan into … Continue reading No excuses